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Content Development

Content development is a process of researching, writing, gathering, organizing and editing information for a website. Content may consist of prose, graphics, pictures, recordings, movies or other media assets that could be distributed by a hypertext transfer protocol server, and viewed by a web browser. Also, it should promote the theme of your web page.

Content Development of a web site is a six-step process that Involves:

(1) Defining goals and objectives for the web site. All goals and objectives should be quantifiable and measurable in some meaningful way. For instance, XYZ Site will have 5,000 unique visitors per month six months after completion. Defining goals and objectives will help you determine the content for the site and help in the decision making process of how a user will interact with the site.

(2) Researching information for the web site-usually investigating specific information pertaining to the area of business for which the web site will be used and its stated purpose. This will also define web site audience and give direction to demographic studies which may be required. For example, the stated purpose of a web page might be to display the most relevant information and factual information for Diabetic Foot Care. Having a statement of purpose allows the developer to direct his or her research, make decisions on content delivery and incorporate the type of technology to be used to deliver that content.

(3)Type of interaction users will have with the site-This will determine the web page's architecture. Web page users on the Internet are looking for information and typically don't have much patience in trying to find it. Therefore, having the right design in terms of linking pages and information presented is critical. If the architecture is poorly conceived, you will create the problem of page abandonment. In other words, if the design does not deliver what the user expects, the user will eventually leave the site without making a purchase. This a source of lost revenue for the Internet entrepreneur.

(4)Defining the users of the web page by doing market research for the specific business entity is a critical step in the content development process. The demographics of the users of a particular site might be age, sex, education, profession, residence location, and income. Each aspect of user demographics previously mentioned will have some determining factors as to the overall success of an site. For example if you are selling x-box 360's but are targeting adult males 55 and older, your market research may indicate that you need to reconsider who the end user of the product will be. According to, A more likely prospect might be a male between 12 and 17 years of age and or a female between the ages of 24 and 35. It is important to Know your market and the demographics that define it in order to build a successful e-commerce site.

(5) Consider the copy to be written for the specific site. For instance in the example of a web page for diabetic foot care, it would be very easy to lose market perspective and compile content for the site for that would be too technical and thus making it hard to read and understand for web page users that suffer from Diabetic foot problems. Each sentence written should strive to have a balance of keyword phrases and define any technical language into simplified words or concepts. This approach will keep the reader interested and will communicate important information. Content should be written with specific keyword/search phrases that give great SEO content but maintain a balance of also conveying important information. Words are important but using pictures and diagrams may also help communicate a difficult idea or concept. One picture is worth one thousand words and when combined with the right content, knowledge is imparted to readers giving them satisfaction for the cognitive energy they have expended.

(6) Documenting the Information flow for the Web Site or creating an Information Architecture(IA)is a critical step in the content development process. Its function is to make a presentation and define how the information will be displayed on the particular site. Document flow or Information Architecture is analogous to creating a blue print for the flow of information and often a graphical representation using pictures that help in determining how the web site content will be disseminated.

Diagramming the Information flow or Information Architecture of a Web site

Diagramming the Information flow or Information Architecture of a Web site is the most important aspect of Content development. From this process,all other related design intricacies evolve to build a complete picture of a site in development. Webposition-Seo can simplify and reduce you content development costs. Please fill out the form below and one of our project managers will call you to discuss the particular specifics of your Internet project.



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