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Working Vocabulary in the field of Search Engine Optimization and Web Design can be quite ambiguous. Business owners can be quickly confused as to the difference between:Off page Search Engine Optimization, On page Search Engine Optimization,Link building,Web Page design,RSS Feed and content creation. It is the goal of Webposition-Seo to simplify the associated terms for Seo Services, to help each client gain a solid knowledge base to be able to recognize the exceptional value of the services that Webposition-Seo provides to their customers.

What is Link Building?

Link Building- Link building is the cornerstone to any web page's off-page SEO. Years ago, it was only a matter of slick copy and some meta tags. Then-bam,you're on the first page of all the major search engines. Since then, Goggle has redefined the way search results are displayed. The interaction of link building and other factors have an integral relationship in Google’s algorithm for determining a web page's placement in the search results. An effective link building strategy will raise the search engine visibility of a site. When a search engine crawls a web site, it is unable to see the design or to rate the level of service for a business. It can however, determine the text content and linking structure. Therefore, the quality of the content as well as it's linking structure is very important. (Click the link to learn more)

What is Web page Development?

Custom Web page Development- the process of analyzing the business model for a particular business entity to determine the function that a proposed site will play in the Internet marketing strategy for the client. Once this is determined, analysis of online competitors begins. After completion of the study, the functionality, design, content, layout and site theme are created. If required by the client, a prototype is built and tested by a focus group. After this is done, the SEO and SEM commence to help position the web page. Metrics are created and defined by the client to establish the effectiveness of the website. (Click the link to learn more)

What is content development?

Content development- Content development is a process of researching, writing, gathering, organizing and editing information for a website. Content may consist of prose, graphics, pictures, recordings, movies or other media assets that could be distributed by a hypertext transfer protocol server, and viewed by a web browser. Also, it should promote the theme of your web page. ((Click the link to learn more)

Understanding E-commerce store development

E-Commerce Store Development- Imagine your store on the internet is grossing $12,0000 a month in sales and you have no investment in inventory. Instead, Your wholesale vendors drop-ship your products to your customers. can create an e-commerce store for you that is very easy to manage, highly customizable, and supports an unlimited number of products. You don't have any products? Our company can find them for you.(Click the link to lean more)

Increasing Site traffic using RSS feeds

RSS Feeds and custom content creation- RSS feeds correctly applied to your web page's marketing mix,it can increase traffic and bring highly targeted unique visitors to your site. (Click the link Learn more)

The importance of Good Web Design

Web page Design- Layout and graphical representation of your company's e-commerce site is its signature of who they you are in terms of your presence on the Internet. Clean, clear functionally user-friendly sites help keep visitors engaged and drive them to generate sales conversions for your business increasing your company's profits. Poorly constructed sites will detract from a user's experience causing page abandonment. Initial planning,of the site should be a complete before considering the other elements