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What is Web Page Development?

Web page Development- the process of analyzing the business model for a particular business entity to determine the function that a proposed site will play in the Internet marketing strategy for the client. Once this is determined, analysis of online competitors begins. After completion of the study, the functionality, design, content, layout and site theme are created. If required by the client,a prototype is built and tested by a focus group. After this is done, the SEO and SEM commence to help position the web page. Metrics are created and defined by the client to establish the effectiveness of the website.

Analysis of competing sites

The process begins using analysis of competing sites all three major search engines. For example, will examine all of the page content of the top five Competitors of the given niche of the proposed site.. Analysis of competitors' sites will address Site content, keywords, site design, functionality and linking strategies. Then an extract of relevant keywords, keyword phrases and linking strategies is compiled.

Analysis of layout, content and inter linking of competing sites' pages

Another component of the analysis is a study of the layout, content and inter linking of competing sites' pages. A well-designed site should have the content crafted to cause the user to take a specific action. For instance, The first paragraph gives the web page user an introduction and as they through each page of content they are given more information. Then on the final page, all of the information should be summarized to include a call to action. For example, if you want the web page user to take a specific action you might write, ”click here to download a copy of this free white paper.” Studying competing sites gives your company a competitive edge over your competitors when you have a sites that is custom built for your specific business niche. It allows your business to incorporate the best ideas for functionality,design and content.

Defined Metrics establish functional effectiveness of site

If required by the client,a site Mockup is built using initial analysis with focus groups conducting functionality and usability testing. After testing, focus group research is incorporated into an enhanced site prototype. After this is done, the SEO and SEM work is begun to help position the web page. Defined Metrics established by the client are captured and recorded to help determine the functional effectiveness of the website.

Once production of the prototype completed, the site can be retested to ensure it will meets all of the client's standards. Once quality assurance is completed,the web page can be launched to begin serving the purpose for which it was built. Feedback from web page users should be used to improve the site.

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